Dec 3 2019

Trump will end health care cost-sharing subsidies, www health care.

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Trump will end health care cost-sharing subsidies

Updated 1440 GMT (2240 HKT) October 13, 2017

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Www health care

Www health care


Trump ends insurance subsidies for poor people


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Trump ends insurance subsidies for poor people

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Story highlights

  • Trump is aggressively pushing to dismantle aspects of his predecessor’s signature health law
  • Lawmakers in both parties have urged the administration to continue the payments

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump plans to end a key set of Obamacare subsidies that helped lower-income enrollees pay for health care, the White House said Thursday, a dramatic move that raises questions about the law’s future.

The Democrats ObamaCare is imploding. Massive subsidy payments to their pet insurance companies has stopped. Dems should call me to fix!

What will Congress do?

Will costs go up?

CNN’s Daniella Diaz contributed to this report.

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