Dec 1 2019

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No One Should Die of Cancer TM

We are driven by a vision to end cancer mortality. Our company was founded on this vision in 2007.

The Tocagen core values Passion, Courage, Teamwork, Trust and Integrity – are central to how we work as individuals and as a team, guiding our day-to-day actions to innovate, decide and deliver

  • Passion means we are committed to engage/inspire others, with a sense of urgency driven by science, data and a positive attitude
  • Courage means we are entrepreneurial, accountable, and willing to take risks
  • Teamwork means we value, encourage and depend on one another, knowing we are stronger aligned and connected
  • Trust means that we respect and believe in one another, openly communicating, while providing and embracing feedback
  • Integrity means we are humble, ethical, genuine and true to our word

Somaxon pharmaceuticals

Somaxon pharmaceuticals

Our Guiding Principles

  • We put patients first, with the goal of extending and improving quality of life
  • We are driven to achieve cancer treatment breakthroughs
  • We are committed to quality and excellence in all that we do
  • We are creating an environment where highly motivated people feel invested and rewarded
  • We have a firm belief that no one should die of cancer

Tocagen is developing first-in-class, broadly applicable product candidates for the treatment of cancer using our cancer-selective gene therapy platform built on retroviral replicating vectors, or RRVs, initially for patients with recurrent high-grade glioma, or HGG.

Our broadly applicable product candidates are designed to activate a patient’s immune system against their own cancer from within.

At the core of our approach is a gene therapy platform that utilizes RRVs, which are designed to selectively deliver therapeutic genes into the DNA of cancer cells. Our proprietary platform is designed to fight cancer through a combination of mechanisms without the autoimmune toxicities that patients commonly experience with other treatments. In other words, our technology is designed to combat cancer with fewer side effects, keeping patients’ healthy tissue intact while the tumor is destroyed.

Somaxon pharmaceuticals

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